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From last 15 years, Agile Infoways makes businesses flourish throughout the world with help of innovative ideas. Services such as Odoo development, AR Apps Development, and more to Industries including Information Technology, Healthcare, Retail, Educational, HR Software, Travel, Food, and more Customized Business Solutions to offer the anticipated results .We always deliver the products on time that our clients appreciate us for keeping up our promise.

Mobile Apps: Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Windows App Development, Cross-platform App Development, SmartWatch App Development, Xamarin App Development, Ionic Development, React Native Development, Swift App Development, etc


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  • Size

    51 to 250

  • Hourly Rate

    Up to $25

  • Project Budget

    Less than $5000


  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Game Development
  • Blockchain
  • Wearable App Development
  • UI/UX Designing


  • other industries
  • education
  • health care & life sciences
  • hospitality & leisure
  • real estate
  • gaming


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Petasense mobile app - 4.6

It a tracking tool which helps to know the health of machines with the help of their device called motes. It also helps in tracking motes working.

Suchi is very talented. She has done a very good job with visual design. She was responsive and respectful in all her communications with us. She is mature and is able to work effectively with the various tools and technologies. A pleasure to work with. Suchi can grow her skills by getting more familiarized with user experience and user interaction. This of course requires her to understand the problem space of our customer better.

Owner, automotive Company - San Jose, United States
Client company size: 15 Budget: $1k to $5k
Review Source Clutch Review

Rippit - 4.6

Ecommerce website with these features list. -Mega Menu -WishList -Compare -Newsletter -Responsive -Searching product by keeping price range -Sorting for product -One-page Checkout

Agile are an Amazing team of Designers and Developers. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Owner, e-commerce Company - Stanhope Gardens, Australia
Client company size: 10 Budget: $5k to $10k
Review Source Clutch Review

GL Deals - 4.6

Let us save every time we spend! With GL Deals, you can determine what the best deal available for a grab through your credit, debit, pre -paid and loyalty cards. An app that compares all your cards in your wallet to tell you which card gives you the best discount at your preferred outlet. All you have to do is provide the name of the store. GL Deals will do everything from there.

A very efficient set up. It was simple to explain the concepts and they would add their thoughts as well and come up with a good solutions at every point in the app.

Owner, lifestyle Company - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Client company size: 35 Budget: $10k to $25k
Review Source Clutch Review

Mobile App Dev for Social Causes Platform - 5.0

Agile Infoways designed and developed a mobile app that displays events, attendees, and photos. Additional features included social media integration and notifications.

The platform launched ahead of the original deadline. Agile Infoways impressed with their capable management, responsive communication, and deep development expertise. 

Kirtan Shah - Miami, United States
Client company size: 5 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

Development for a Travel Application - 5.0

Agile Infoways created an Android and iOS application for a travel platform. Users can upload and edit media to a feed that will capture location data to recommend places to other users. The project is ongoing.

The app has launched and received strong traffic and user feedback so far. Agile Infoways delivers high-quality work on time and at excellent value. The team keeps in constant contact and responds quickly to any issues. Customers can expect a highly experienced team that works with diligence.

Jennifer Mckay - Los Angeles, United States
Client company size: 6 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Web Dev & Digital Marketing for ERP IT Co. - 5.0

Agile Infoways designed and developed a website using Python. They then launched a digital marketing campaign, which included Google Ads and SEO.

The website was professional and simple in design. Agile Infoways achieved up to seven daily leads and a significant amount of conversions. The team was always available for collaboration. Customers can expect responsive project management.

- Ahmedabad, India
Client company size: 30 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Web Dev Partnership with Freelancer - 5.0

Agile Infoways are long-term development partners with a web developer, creating custom WordPress themes based on existing designs. They use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as PHP to work on functionalities.

The team’s developers create perfect HTML and CSS website themes, always delivering very high quality work. Their work supported the significant growth of the freelancer’s business as they reliably deliver on all projects. They communicate well, but could improve their attention to deadlines.

- Netherlands
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Mobile App Development for Event Promotion Company - 5.0

Agile Infoways completed a three-part project that included mobile apps for both iOS and Android. They also assisted in the development of core technical infrastructure such as the admin panel, website, and back-end systems.

Agile Infoways' end-product is a core part of the client's business, providing development from the ground up. The team remained reliable and dependable throughout the project.

Joshua Palmer - United Kingdom
Client company size: Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

App Development for Software and Media Company - 5.0

Agile Infoways has an ongoing relationship with the client, serving as part of their app development team. They develop and complete the apps, prepare them for market, and perform updates.

Agile consistently delivers products with a 90-95% success rate, and they quickly address any issues within a week. They also provide excellent communication.

- Toronto, Canada
Client company size: 30 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Claim Management System for Business Solutions Co - 5.0

Agile Infoways developed a claim management system to direct patient claim processing for insurance companies from initiation to settlement.

Agile Infoways streamlined the patient claims filing process. The team was accessible, integrating and providing feedback to produce better deliverables, which created a valuable engagement.

Anna Koreban - New York, United States
Client company size: 30 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Feedback Android App for Event Planning Business - 5.0

Agile Infoways developed an Android application. The team developed features that allow users to provide feedback on attended events. 

Collecting valuable feedback, Agile Infoways built a platform that has helped to improve the quality of events. The team communicated well and delivered the app on-time. 

- New York, United States
Client company size: 30 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

Cryptocurrency Wallet for Startup - 5.0

Agile Infoways built a cryptocurrency wallet for a startup. They also manage backup and export functionalities. 

The app is set for launch. Agile Infoways is a skilled team that meets deadlines. Their expert knowledge in their field is noteworthy. Customers can expect a cost-effective team that communicates well. 

Neil Kusens - Jacksonville, United States
Client company size: 30 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

Odoo Software Dev for Web & Mobile Agency - 5.0

Agile Infoways built and updated an enterprise version of an Odoo-based distribution solution. This review was updated by the client on September 27, 2019. 

The software worked well and launched on time. Agile Infoways thoroughly understood the project, issued frequent updates, and delivered every milestone. Their clear communication moved the project forward smoothly. 

Peter Karl - Gainesville, United States
Client company size: 30 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

Employee Management for Strategic Growth Company - 5.0

Agile Infoways designed and developed a custom work management software, to track employee productivity. 

The platform was completed successfully and received positive acclaim. The Agile Infoways team is knowledgeable and friendly. 

- Sydney, Australia
Client company size: 5 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

App Development for South Asian Dating Platform - 5.0

Agile Infoways provided full-stack development and assisted with the launch a dating app for both Android and iOS platforms.

Their flawless work led to a boost in growth for the platform. Agile Infoways also stands out with their post-launch support, seamless project management, and readily-available team.

Raj Patel - Chicago, United States
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Design & Development of Cloud-Based Medical Software - 5.0

Agile Infoways designed and built multiple iterations of medical software that complied with HIPAA standards.

Agile Infoways delivered a secure and responsive platform that has been used by major hospitals and received positive feedback from independent researchers. The team communicated and managed the project fluidly.

- Los Angeles, United States
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

- 5.0

This guys helped me to get best lead management solution for my business. They understood my business need and delivered supreme solution. Also I am very much impressed by their team work. Highly Recommended!!

Marc Coll -
Client company size: Budget:
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