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Artjoker Software an award-winning, full-service design and development agency with offices in USA and Ukraine, and a client base stretching across the world. We help startups to achieve their business goals by providing them with mobile application and website development services. Our team of more than 80 experts leads clients of all industries through the full product development life cycle - from ideation to realization. We always take care of optimum people allotted to your projects as we believe that customer satisfaction is the ultimate thing. At Artjoker Software, we believe that only companies that take advantage of technological innovations can succeed in the current demanding market. We innovatively use emerging technologies to build customized IT solutions. More than 80 US-based and 250 worldwide businesses have already chosen us as Technology Partner. We are here to transform your business and take it to the brim to success charts.


  • Founded


  • Size

    11 to 50

  • Hourly Rate

    $26 - $50

  • Project Budget

    Less than $5000


  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI/UX Designing


  • business services
  • consumer products & services
  • other industries
  • financial & payments
  • health care & life sciences


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Lending Platform Dev for Financial Microcrediting Company - 4.5

Artjoker Software provides development services, building an integrative platform to process online payments. They manage the web development, software build, and integrate the software with external elements.

The development of the integrative platform progressed well, with the team now beginning a second, similar project thanks to its success. The team’s work ensured the startup could stick to its timelines and begin work quickly as they were extremely responsive throughout.

- Ukraine
Client company size: 30 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

Web Dev for C - 4.5

Artjoker Software is developing a complex C2C cooking platform. The e-commerce site is based on JavaScript with Laravel PHP framework and includes booking, payment, review, and social features.

The project is in progress, but so far, Artjoker Software exceeds expectations. They offer transparent and structured project management including demos of their work after each sprint. Their demos show excellent progress and the team works quickly, often delivering well ahead of deadlines.

Alessio Massagrande - Tallinn, Estonia
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Mobile App Dev for Football Ticket Sales App - 4.5

Artjoker Software developed an Android mobile app for purchasing football tickets, providing fans with a barcode that’s scanned once they enter the stadium. They’ll also handle its iOS version in the future.

Fans praise the app for its convenience, which eliminates the need to print tickets or visit the box office. In only one month it got 3,000 downloads and over 400 tickets were sold after about four matches. They’re a diligent and professional team that provides round-the-clock communication.

Alexander Muradov - Kharkiv, Ukraine
Client company size: 30 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Software Dev Support for Web Dev Company - 4.5

Artjoker initially began their web development work using Magento. As they continued to show success, their work expanded to include custom PHP code, Laravel, and WordPress.

Artjoker developers begin working on well-defined projects immediately and consistently provide high-quality code. They follow up to ensure the product is executing properly, are communicative, and offer helpful insight into workflow improvement.

Maikel Straayer - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Mobile App Dev for Athlete Training Platform - 4.5

Artjoker designed and developed an iOS platform that allows users to connect and train with athletes. They built from an existing alpha, adding increased functionality and a backend administration panel.

The completed app surpassed expectations and anticipates a June launch. Artjoker provided seamless communication, reasonable timelines and outstanding vision toward the final product. The project’s success will foster further collaboration for an Android version.  

Nick Karwoski - Los Angeles, United States
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Magento Dev for eCommerce Home Decoration Business - 4.5

Artjoker worked on Magento web development for an e-commerce business, coming up with the project plan and handling everything from design to the features. They continue to work on SEO and provide support.

The completed platform meets expectations and was delivered to a high standard. The team managed the project extremely effectively and continue to do so through their support; communicating well, working hard to fully understand the project, and attentively maintaining the business partnership. 

Alex - London, United Kingdom
Client company size: 30 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Web Design & Dev for Aviation Training Center - 4.5

Artjoker developed and designed a website with a focus on UX optimization and increasing traffic. At present, they continue to provide ongoing maintenance.

Artjoker’s team is modern and consistently provides convenient, reliable communication, even after project execution. They are dedicated to finding the right solution for every issue, and they make a point to really listen to their client.

Alla Panyavina - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Client company size: 5 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

App Development for Beverage Company - 4.5

The beverage company partnered with ArtJoker to build an app (iOS and Android) that would manage and store data for the company's payment and sales processes. 

The client was very pleased with the 30% increase of their Key Performance Indicator since the app launched and overall, enjoyed collaborating with a team as friendly and professional as Artjoker's. 

- Russia
Client company size: Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

e-commerce Development for Clothing Company - 4.5

Artjoker was hired to develop an e-commerce website.

The client felt that the design of the site that was developed looked very good. Since launching the new site, the client has seen an increase in sales and conversion rates. They were happy the agency was able to meet deadlines and stay very responsive.

Client company size: Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

Web Development for Furniture Company - 4.5

Artjoker was hired to develop a website.

The client has received a lot of praise about the website. Their customers felt it is easy to use and understand. The client really enjoyed how friendly the team at Artjoker was. They responded quickly to queries and always met deadlines.

Kira Gromova -
Client company size: Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

Security & Stress Testing for Hospital Ratings Company - 4.5

Artjoker was hired to do stress and security tests for a hospital ratings company.

The client has seen a lot more confidence in their website's users thanks to the testing that Artjoker has done. They were able to meet all of the deadlines that were set for them.

- Israel
Client company size: 30 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

Mobile App Dev for Accounting & Financial Service - 4.5

Artjoker Software developed an accounting application for self-employed business owners. The mobile app allows users to manage the financial aspects of their business.

The engagement with Artjoker Software progressed efficiently. Their communication was a noteworthy aspect. Their team is full of technical experts that can deliver a high-quality product.

Olena Nekrasova - Santa Rosa Beach, United States
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Prostor - 4.5

Goals To create a responsive website with an up-to-date design Display the information on brand's stores locations Show the information on company's available vacancies Provide info about numerous promotions. To add a function of additional sources of lead generation Results We have created a responsive site-catalog, fully correspondent to brandbook and client's brand's style.

I'm absolutely satisfied with all services they provided! All deadlines were met, and the project overcame my expectations.

Marketing Specialist, e-commerce Company - Kyiv, Ukraine
Client company size: 15 Budget: $1k to $5k
Review Source Clutch Review

Pink Diablo - 4.5

PinkDiablo is a children wear brand that is known for different markets (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan), that is why the main goal was to display all the information about online-store for customer's convenience. We implemented multi-currency support and make the website responsive so everyone could make their purchases through any gadget.

Their customer service and expertise has been extraordinary. Roman is a real gem and a true professional. They made the entire website development & testing process seamless and pain free. I truly hope we can work together again soon.

Marketing specialist, fashion Company - Moscow, Russia
Client company size: 15 Budget: $5k to $10k
Review Source Clutch Review

Asia Waters - 4.5

We've successfully developed a mobile app where the sales agents are able to: create an order, choose the method of payment, and track its life cycle in the system; keep track of the delivery process and payments; list the rest of products on retail location; control the merchandising – they are asked to check in and make marked photos in retail locations; analise the sales stats.

The team was involved and domain expertise was given to us in terms of how it is better to create the whole system which was extremely useful. The project perfectly met the deadlines although we had some major changings during the project development. The difference in time zones was a trouble, but when really needed, Artjoker was flexible enough to always fit into our needs.

Commercial Manager, food & beverages Company - Kazakhstan
Client company size: 475 Budget: $5k to $10k
Review Source Clutch Review

Agroport - 4.5

For creating a landing page we've chosen a platform that allows presenting information in a structured way. It greatly simplifies the perception of brand and service and pushes a client to make a final step – to send a registration request. A separate box contains the information about forum program, sponsors and partners, and discussion participants. Another box lets us learn more about terms

They did a great job, really happy worked with them. Great communication skills and fast feedback from a project manager. Now I enjoy my resource which is a perfect online representation of my company.

Human relations, online services Company - Lviv, Ukraine
Client company size: 15 Budget: $1k to $5k
Review Source Clutch Review

Credit - 4.5

We've created a mobile application that is about getting a lending on a bank card in 15 minutes. Being online, users can take out a loan whenever and wherever they are. This app is ideal for clients who are used to conduct bank transactions with their smartphones. To reach a bigger audience, we've developed both Android and iOS versions.

Excellent job! All the deadlines were met and I liked this about them. My project manager Roman always kept me updated. Team of developers offered me a lot of solutions for improving my app. Since it is a new field for me i enjoyed it.

Marketing specialist, financial services Company - Kharkiv, Ukraine
Client company size: 75 Budget: $5k to $10k
Review Source Clutch Review

Los Angeles Alliance - 4.5

We have developed a controller's app with an option to create applications on the workers, selection of workers, study worker's schedule. On choosing a worker as a responsible- he was sent a push-notification on his tablet. With the help of the tablet and app he can make a photo of his work done, to generate and send a report.

They did a good job. Thank you very much

СЕО, online services Company - Los Angeles, United States
Client company size: 10 Budget: $10k to $25k
Review Source Clutch Review

VPN - 4.5

VPN TRUE has been developed specially for a worldwide client server base. Its function is to protect from hack attacks, DPI, and corporate data control systems. Owing to a variety of additional pros, your personal data is more than in a safety. Stable and fast server work without traffic limitation, the opportunity to choose server according to your interests with no need to sign up. And all is fo

Thanks guys for developing such a great application. We have met all the deadlines, so the app has been launched without delay. Really well-done startup realization!

CEO, online services Company - New York, United States
Client company size: 15 Budget: $1k to $5k
Review Source Clutch Review

Snoozebaby - 4.5

A client addressed to Artjoker to conceptualize and build a modern, user-friendly, responsible and multilingual website. Magento was chosen as a platform for the website due to its well developed features and powerful inbuilt functionalities. The design was developed in accordance to the core product characteristics – simplicity, comfort and high quality.

Artjoker did a great job in supporting us with the Snoozebaby project. The project was delivered in time with excellent quality. The end result: a happy customer!

CEO, e-commerce Company - Uithoorn, Netherlands
Client company size: 10 Budget: $1k to $5k
Review Source Clutch Review - 4.5

It is a website cusom-made for the MI-8 helicopter pilote school.

Artjoker is a team of reliable professionals. They possess all the required knowledge and skills to provide high-quality products. The website was not completed in time, but mostly because of different ideas of the Customer, which were not supported by Artjoker designer. Also had an issue with their accounts department, which does not influence the quality of the job, but just an overall impression from communication. In general, I would recommend Artjoker to my friends and partners.

Program Manager, entertainment Company - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Client company size: 15 Budget: $1k to $5k
Review Source Clutch Review

DeinRestaurant - 4.5

Custom web development. MODx CMS. Web portal with restaurant business cards. A user can choose a restaurant by selected criteria.

We had best experience with ArtJoker team. Always in contact, lot of feedback, with onw control management.

Alexandr Rot,Alexandr RotCEO, Dein Restaurant - Roth, Germany
Client company size: 10 Budget: $1k to $5k
Review Source Clutch Review

D - 4.5

DF turned to us for an online store design and development, to enable people from around the globe to try the new brands clothes. The goal was to create a simple and easy-to-use website.

Good and friendly company. They will complete your requirements specification completly but not more. So you have to make it very detailed. Some deadlines were breaked, so you have to take your attention for it and provide penalty for breaking the deadlines in the contract.

Anton Danilov,Anton DanilovCEO, D4FS - Kharkiv, Ukraine
Client company size: 15 Budget: $1k to $5k
Review Source Clutch Review

- 4.5

The client is a young developing brand of sportswear by the name Designed For Fitness. The client wanted to create a simple, user-friendly website to promote their business and enable users to buy online. Artjoker was involved in developing an online shopping website for them so that their customers can easily shop there. The project was a little delayed but the client is satisfied with the results. The client appreciated the designs offered by Artjoker and quoted them as a professional company

Anton Danilov -
Client company size: Budget:
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