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We guarantee software quality delivered on time, on scope, on budget. 

Diceus is a technology partner that provides cloud solutions, custom, web and mobile app development along with testing and consulting. We care about our clients’ success and are focused on producing the products that are coherent with business needs.  

All projects go live on time 

By getting a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), our clients know precisely when their project will be accomplished. They understand how much every task will take, who is assigned to complete it, what skills are needed. All the risks are taken into account at the very start of the project. In case of any issues, we have a well-defined risk management procedure. 

On-budget delivery  

All software development projects are produced within the budget. We conduct a Critical Path Analysis (CPA). It shows a step-by-step process of project planning, development, and implementation. On a regular basis, our clients are informed about performance, team composition, metrics.  

On-scope development 

Functional and non-functional requirements gathering allows us to plan projects consistently and execute them within the scope. Our development teams follow ISO/IEC 25010 standards to ensure the highest quality of software. To check if the system requirements meet the initial project needs, a traceability matrix is used.  

100% quality guarantee 

Our clients have time to focus on their core business as we guide them. Each of our customers has a key account manager who can quickly give feedback on project status. PMI/IPMA certified project managers organize consistent work, monitor performance, and control quality.  


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  • Size

    51 to 250

  • Hourly Rate

    $101 - $150

  • Project Budget

    $50001 - $100000


  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Big Data Analytics
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Blockchain


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Data warehouse & BI Development for Finance Company - 3.5

Diceus developed and is continuing to enhance a data warehouse with a BI and analytics dashboard for the executive decision-makers in a Jordanian finance company.

Within a short time after the product's launch, it enabled several BI deliverables, such as a risk review, to enrich and strengthen existing processes. The Diceus team's sprint methodology has been very successful, allowing for effective team management and the incorporation of new technologies. 

- Amman, Jordan
Client company size: 3000 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

Custom Business Software Dev For Food Vending Company - 3.5

Diceus developed a solution to automate a food vendor’s inventory tracking, accounting, HR and payroll, and customer management processes. They included custom logins and views for each internal department.

The solution increased overall efficiency and allowed senior staff to allocate more time to growing the business. The Diceus team was communicative and approachable, capable of sharing technical information in understandable terms. They were also very organized, reliable, and responsive.  

- United Arab Emirates
Client company size: 5 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

Web Dev for Transportation and Shipping Company - 3.5

Diceus is developing an online auction portal. After the technical documentation was completed, their team used .NET, PHP, and a SQL database for the site. The platform will be finished by the deadline.

The quality of the finished portal functions is excellent. Diceus provides expert development services at a reasonable cost. They deliver their work in a timely manner. Customers can expect a communicative and proactive team.

Alexander Baravkov - Georgia
Client company size: 350 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

App Dev for Trucking and Logistics Company - 3.5

Diceus provided Android application development. They worked on a platform that reads API information, allows users to track various metrics, and receives notifications.

The application saves the business money and time, while providing the end-users with an excellent, attractive platform. They are dedicated and efficient, accommodating to the requirements of the client and carefully explaining all technical aspects.

- Spain
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Web Development for Consulting Firm - 3.5

Working off of an existing MVP, Diceus continued the development of an online employee management application, adding additional functionality. The team created mockups and, upon approval, built them out.

Because Diceus finished the work on time, the product was ready for launch by the deadline. The team prioritized responsiveness and availability in their approach to communication. Additionally, they proactively kept all team members up to date on the status of the workload.

- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Client company size: 30 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

App Dev for Restaurant Rewards Platform - 3.5

Diceus designed and developed an application for Android and iOS. They used .NET and an Azure product on the backend and Xamarin on the frontend. The app allows users to accrue points for loyalty rewards.

Although Diceus was initially only hired for their design skills, their work made a strong impression, leading to the expansion of their role. The prototype is already fetching companies’ interest and desire to collaborate. The team is highly collaborative and they deliver high-quality results.

Fares Almuhanna - Kuwait
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Software Dev Support for Project Management Company - 3.5

Diceus is assisting in the development of the next version of a website app that was not updated in 15 years. Their work includes the fusion of the frontend and backend of the site and addition of new features.

Because the project is still in the beginning stages, there is limited feedback to provide. Their designs and early process of code architecture are great. The seven-hour time zone difference is only a minor issue because communication between both sides is quick and direct.

- Lake Ridge, United States
Client company size: 30 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Web Dev Support for Crypto Currency Exchange Platform - 3.5

Diceus developed a web platform to host a cryptocurrency exchange system. They utilized ASP.NET, C#, and SQL Server and wrote the necessary code to build a secure gateway. 

The platform has recently launched, due in large part to Diceus’ ability to work quickly and efficiently. Their extensive team produces high-quality code while keeping all tasks organized. Further engagement is planned because of the project’s success.

- Romania
Client company size: 5 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

Dev and UI Support for Health and Social Care Consultants - 3.5

Diceus rebuilt a user interface, designing wireframes and developing the frontend.

The well-designed interface meets the needs of both existing and prospective clients. Diceus worked to understand and accommodate client needs rather than forcing those needs into their own model. They provided an appropriate level of project management for the concise technical project.

Felim McCarthy - London, United Kingdom
Client company size: 30 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

Prototype Web Development for Insurance Brokerage Platform - 3.5

Using PHP, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS, Diceus developed a web platform that calculated and presented insurance quotations. 

The solution is currently used by several large customers across the globe. Diceus excelled at clearly articulating terms, meticulously tracking progress, and communicating about the project. Their efficient workflow and affordable pricing set them apart. 

- Estonia
Client company size: 30 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Database Development for Business Data Service Firm - 3.5

Diceus works on several development projects involving databases, using Java and AngularJS technologies, according to the specific requirements.

Though still underway, their performance and deliverables thus far have met expectations and have been well received. The team is able to work seamlessly across multiple time zones globally, and after ironing out any initial communication difficulties, collaborates smoothly and professionally.

- San Francisco, United States
Client company size: 125 Budget: $200k to $999k
Review Source Clutch Review

.NET Application for Dental Industry - 3.5

After fine-tuning the visual prototype that was given to them, Diceus took charge of the implementation process. They handle front-/backend development and graphic design.

The product is still in the works, but it’s functioning as expected and can be tested. Flexible and accommodating, Diceus goes above and beyond to meet all needs, while their versatile and highly skilled team has been successfully managing all aspects of the project.

- Oslo, Norway
Client company size: 5 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

MVP for Tax Business Intelligence Automation Software - 3.5

Diceus coded a MEAN stack financial app for small business tax compliance. They developed the front- and backend, conceptualized UI, and connected to online accounting platforms via an API.

They exceeded expectations and created strong visuals. Their project manager took extra steps to understand the domain and was very proactive. Communication improved over the course of the engagement and fared better in a more agile environment.

Sam Moore - Sydney, Australia
Client company size: 5 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

E-Commerce & Web Development for IoT Product Company - 3.5

A communications company turned to Diceus to redesign their website and implement e-commerce solutions. Using WordPress, Stripe, and a variety of plugins, they got the project on its feet.

Almost constantly available, Diceus responded actively and provided detailed estimates for work. They were broadly detailed, polite, and well-organized, and managed critical pieces to keep the project from running behind.

Barney Barnowski - Canada
Client company size: 30 Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

Front-end Development for Insurance Claims Cloud Software - 3.5

Replicating a previously existing Windows platform, Diceus developed a cloud software solution in ASP.NET Core. As development continues, they will integrate with financial systems.

Existing clients were introduced to the cloud software and are eager to adopt it. Although accustomed to full stack development, the team is flexible in this collaboration, only developing part of the stack. Their expertise shines in their proactive suggestion of alternative methods.

Søren Hundebøll - Copenhagen, Denmark
Client company size: 5 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

.NET Development for CRM Systems Integrations - 3.5

Diceus focuses on .NET development and integration tasks. They led a two-way synchronization between a custom CRM and SugarCRM, among other custom backend work, often including extra helpful features.

Diceus learns and performs processes well. Their work is reliable. A language barrier is present, but has become better over time, and they can handle complicated tasks without needing much direction, if any.

Steinar Talmoen - Oslo, Norway
Client company size: 30 Budget: $200k to $999k
Review Source Clutch Review

Microsoft Stack Cloud Development for Software Provider - 3.5

Diceus conducts development of cloud-based products for a UAE software firm, providing full-stack coding, QA, and project management resources to support a growing customer base.

The collaboration has increased by as much as 25% each year, thanks to Diceus’ technical capabilities and quick feedback adoption. The team’s professionalism, cost-effective rates, and consistent delivery continue to support both the engagement and product end-users. 

Robert Koval - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Client company size: 30 Budget: $1000k to $9999k
Review Source Clutch Review

Internal Python Development for Insurance Software Firm - 3.5

Diceus created an internal budgeting application in Python. In the process, they adopted new data transformation processes per the client's specific requirements.

Diceus picked up unfamiliar technologies and used them effectively to deliver satisfactory quality code in line with client's timeframe expectations.

Phil Reynolds - Springfield, United States
Client company size: 30 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

User Interface Development for SQL Server Specialists - 3.5

Starting with a small trial run project, Diceus has earned their place as the largest development partner for a company that produces database solutions software.

The largest pro may be their dedication to on-time and on-budget deliveries. The only downside is that their initial project estimates can be off base if devised too hurriedly and without sufficient forethought.

- United States
Client company size: 125 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

White Labeled .NET Development for Software Startup - 3.5

The development partnership began with a single .NET resource and has since grown to include a three developers, a business analyst and a tester.

The client is happy with the quality of their work and has given Diceus increasing amounts of responsibility and autonomy. They have delivered upon their promises, though some timeline estimates are rosier than reality.

- Memphis, United States
Client company size: 6 Budget: $200k to $999k
Review Source Clutch Review

Backend Redevelopment for Home Rental Site - 3.5

Diceus inherited a custom CMS that was not documented and very unstable. Their goal was to understand the code, support it, stabilize it, modernize it and integrate acquired businesses' onto it.

Pros of the partnership included professionalism and work ethic.  The decision makers ultimately elected to work with an onshore team purportedly due to the urgency of their change requests, but Diceus had made themselves available during the client's business hours.

Michael Ostack - Charleston, United States
Client company size: Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Backend Resources for Microsoft Stack Legal Website - 3.5

Diceus customized a content management system for an end client in the legal industry that was using a Microsoft technology stack.

The work product was excellent and the team was responsive to changes within the project. However, the client wishes that Diceus' design efforts required less back and forth. They may have had a talent issue at one point but that was resolved or overcome.

Andrew Kagan - United States
Client company size: 125 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Microsoft Stack Database & Marketplace Development - 3.5

Diceus has provided full Microsoft stack development for an online marketplace, utilizing design principles to repurpose Azure Table Storage as a relational database container in a unique way.

Pros included a strong sense of partnership and investment in the outcome of their projects. Their deliverables have been on time and the client highly values their work.

Tim Archer - United States
Client company size: 6 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

YoudAsk - 3.5

It’s the system that allows to generate positive reviews on Facebook, Google & Twitter, increase customer confidence and sales activity. With YoudAsk you get real customer feedback about your product, service level or any other criteria you ask, automatically - without a call center, special studies or additional employees.

I decided to find a way how I can get a real feedback about my services from my customers 3 years ago. The first two companies disappointed my expectations. Because it was a hard to organize the team working day, no responsible persons, not enough resources and etc. Finally I saw a Diceus company on the horizon. They helped me to create a great product without any issues. All scope of work was finished before a deadline and it was a pleasure for me working with them. Thanks' their team for

Nick,NickUkraine, YoudAsk - Kyiv, Ukraine
Client company size: 35 Budget: $100k to $200k
Review Source Clutch Review

- 3.5

Approached Diceus for an App Development project. They took complete ownership of the project right from the inception to completion. Every phase that was planned out was completed ahead of the deadlines. One key aspect of their service is communication, they were extremely consultative, keeping me updated on the progress when necessary. Give these guys a concept, and they will transform it into a slick and highly efficient application that you can be proud of. Give them a call.

Dean Thornton -
Client company size: Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

- 3.5

In the beginning, I only asked for their assistance with design. I liked what they made so I asked them to assist with the development as well. Now, they’re doing the back and frontend for the application and the platform, the admin system. For the backend, they used .NET and an Azure product. For the frontend, we’re going to use Xamarin. They’re doing a cross-platform for Android and iOS. The project is almost done. We’re doing the minimum viable product right now.The customer uses the

Fares Almuhanna -
Client company size: Budget:
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