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S-PRO provides software development solutions ranging from analytics and consulting to delivery and launch. We work as a technical partner to enterprises and startups, taking responsibility for product development.

Key S-PRO facts: 5-years end-to-end development experience; 150+ full-time in-house professionals; 90+ IT solutions delivered; Customers in 27 countries worldwide.

We insist on continuing education: each year our team members actively acquire new expertise in the latest technologies. This advantage allows us to be one step ahead. Always.

All our team members are in-house employees; we do not outsource projects to third parties. We have a two-stage development approach that allows us to deliver a quote for any project. Our team is prepared to take ownership of both the budget and timeline for the deliverable product. We take pride in being customer-focused.

S-PRO ensures that every product we design is delivered fully completed & on-time. We are positioned to be your lifetime partner in technologies and beyond. Visit our website for more information about us and our extensive portfolio.


  • Founded


  • Size

    51 to 250

  • Hourly Rate

    $26 - $50

  • Project Budget

    $10001 - $25000


  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data Analytics
  • UI/UX Designing


  • financial & payments
  • business services
  • transportation & logistics
  • health care & life sciences
  • other industries


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App MVP and Planning for Crypto Wallet - 4.5

S-PRO managed an application development planning stage. They contributed to written specifications and workflow identification and created an MVP application. Final delivery included a future development plan.

Business goals and plans are crystal clear moving forward, making locating investors easier. S-PRO communicated directly and prioritized professionalism, leading to a beneficial and enjoyable partnership. Their dedication to success and use of project management technologies help them stand out.

Leo Kozhushnik - Melbourne, Australia
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Web Development for Mobile Application Company - 4.5

S-PRO programmed the web-based system using React.js, Django REST framework, and PostgreSQL. They based the build on a demo designed internally with Adobe XD. Current work also includes mobile development.

S-PRO’s first deliverable tracks and organizes the process of responding to maintenance requests from tenants. Managers from all 70 apartment complexes will benefit from the streamlined system. The team was consistently reliable, responsive, and committed to rapidly producing deliverables.

- Norway
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

React Native Mobile App Dev for Startup - 4.5

S-PRO developed a mobile app using React Native, configured online wallets, and integrated it with a payment system. Currently, they are providing technical support and developing a safety feature.

So far, the development S-PRO provided has pleased executives. Flexible and responsive, S-PRO was available even outside work hours. Their ability turnaround problematic miscommunication, while staying enthusiastic, is impressive and set them up for future engagement.

Alessia Mastantuoni - London, United Kingdom
Client company size: 5 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

Web Platform Development & QA for Startup - 4.5

Using Python and JavaScript, S-PRO built an integrated backend and frontend dashboard interface for an online development platform. The team also handled quality assurance.

The product succeeded in alpha tests and was projected to be solid and reliable enough for public release. S-PRO's strong management, flexible communication, and dedicated work ethic contributed greatly to its success. They offered a valuable perspective on customer needs and preferences. 

Andy O'Connor - Dublin, Ireland
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Web & Mobile App Dev for Healthcare Company - 4.5

S-PRO developed an emergency contact mobile app. They used React Native to build iOS and Android versions simultaneously. Additional support included project management, QA, and web development based on Vue.js.

S-PRO used advanced new technologies including Vue.JS and React Native to develop multiple high-end products. Excellent project management included mid-monthly check-ins, thorough reports, and transparent daily correspondence. They’ve provided reliable QA support for all their deliverables.

Roman Ignatov - Munich, Germany
Client company size: 30 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Technical Partnership & Crypto-Exchange Dev - 4.5

S-PRO is developing a crypto-currency trading platform. They’ve created multiple functionalities including coin exchanges, buying and selling currencies, and a custom feature for shorting different coins.

The platform hasn’t launched yet, but it has already exceeded internal expectations. S-PRO facilitates constant communication and has a flexible work style that allows them to adapt to different client cultures. Their focus on need-fulfillment make them ideal for long-term partnerships.

- Kaunas, Lithuania
Client company size: 30 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Mobile App Dev for Retail Brands - 4.5

S-PRO created a sales and marketing app for iOS and Android, implementing competition, ranking, and messaging features to connect retail staff with brands in their industry. They now offer support and updates. 

Through S-PRO’s full-stack involvement, the product reliably conveys custom campaigns and has attracted positive feedback from users and marketing directors alike. The team’s consistent performance, helpful suggestions, efficient communication, and reasonable pricing continue to drive results. 

- Oslo, Norway
Client company size: 5 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

iOS TV & Live Broadcast App Dev - 4.5

S-PRO created a TV-on-demand web prototype and app for iOS and Android, connecting the broadcast scheduling platform with live and archived content to support at-home viewing.

The finished solution engaged the existing customer demographic through its streamlined navigation and reliable performance. S-PRO’s smooth workflow, reasonable prices, experienced engineers, and adherence to deadlines contributed to a rewarding partnership.

Stephen Stephens - Dallas, United States
Client company size: 5 Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

Python Web App Dev for StartUp - 4.5

S-PRO has been a reliable technical partner, with engineers collaborating with internal developers to create tools for ad technology. Previously, they helped built a stock image platform for web and mobile.

S-PRO’s resources work well with internal developers, interacting with them in a professional manner. Aside from their technical expertise, S-PRO also excels at project management.

Javad Zahir - London, United Kingdom
Client company size: 5 Budget: $50k to $199k
Review Source Clutch Review

App Dev for Manufacturing Company - 4.5

S-Pro helped to create an app to help salespeople expedite their interactions with their clients. The app dramatically reduces the time and number of steps between initial customer interaction and ordering.

Feedback from the field has been positive, and customers are delighted with the app. S-Pro collaborated with developers from all over the world. Their commitment to the project, flexibility, and professionalism ensured timely delivery of a successful product.

- Suwanee, United States
Client company size: 350 Budget: $50k to $199k
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Mobile App Dev for Hockey League - 4.5

S-Pro built a sports organization mobile app from scratch to help a sports agency organize and manage events, and collect payments. They developed a react-app for Android and iOS.

S-Pro's app received positive feedback from its intended audience. They also remained very responsive despite time differences, and they were able to adapt to business changes well. QA was initially was weak but improved over the course of the project. 

Roman Levandovsky - Calgary, Canada
Client company size: 5 Budget: $200k to $999k
Review Source Clutch Review

Mobile App Dev for Entrepreneur - 4.5

S-Pro utilized Cordova PhoneGap to develop a cross-platform mobile application software for an instant messaging startup company. After the project completion, S-Pro provides ongoing maintenance.

The mobile app generated positive feedback from Android and iOS customers. S-Pro impressed their client by remaining genuine, and enthusiastic throughout the project. While project deadlines could have been communicated better on both sides, the client will perform more projects with S-Pro.

Client company size: Budget: $10k to $49k
Review Source Clutch Review

- 4.5

We have been thoroughly evaluating development partners and decided to collaborate with S-PRO.The most important aspects that we were looking in our development partner were:- collaborative approach (we were not looking for plain outsourcing)- strong communication- flexible and professional working style- high qualityWe are happy to confirm that working with S-PRO has been great! S-PRO positioned themselves as a close partner and we had the impression that their employees were part of our team.

L. R. Bassi -
Client company size: Budget:
Review Source Clutch Review

- 4.5

I worked with Eugene and Mike from S-PRO, and my product was guided from beginning to end. As a UI designer, it was refreshing to feel like my application was being developed by people who were willing to help me every step of the way.

Amber Kumar -
Client company size: Budget:
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